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Strip regulations. Foster competition. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. For a strong economy to thrive, businesses need room to grow and evolve. The passionate and hardworking nature of North Dakotans endures through small businesses. Our friends and neighbors give to the community, and it's time we give back to them.


Higher wages leads to greater spending which leads to higher profit which leads back to high wages. The key to a better economy is a strong and productive labor force. Better wages, better jobs, better communities. In the words of the late Paul Wellstone, "We all do better when we all do better."

21st Century Jobs

It is time for North Dakota to modernize. For the economy to grow and innovate we need to provide opportunities that attract individuals across the country to our state. When we attract talent, we attract new business. Let's take the #NextStepNorthDakota

Growth in Tech

The tech industry has seen explosive growth in our country and around the world. It's time for North Dakota to capitalize on that growth, by bringing new jobs, attracting and keeping talented workers, and improving the overall health of our economy.

Fiscal Responsibility

Management of state finances and the budget have led to poor outcomes for the state, the people, and for our economy. We need to bring fiscal responsibility back to Bismarck that focuses on cutting unnecessary spending and maximizing the available revenue for the state.