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Funding Model

North Dakota's system of funding for public schools is dysfunctional and does not accommodate for growth. West Fargo Public Schools has seen explosive growth but doesn't receive the funding that is needed to sustain it. The school district has consistently passed bond referendums as short term solutions to the serious problem. The future of our state's children should not be uncertain, and it is the job of those in Bismarck to secure it.

Growth & Innovation

To compete with increasing standards, globally and nationally, of education and for students, North Dakota needs to begin adopting modern technology and curriculum into our public schools. We need to invest in our state's children, especially those children in rural communities that do not always receive the same opportunities as the students that live in the cities. A curriculum focused around vocational education, real world participation, and preparation for higher education.

Underserved Students

New Americans, LGBT+ minorities, students with disabilities, and more. These students do not always have access to the appropriate resources or opportunities as other North Dakota students. These students have the same right to a quality education in our state, and deserve every chance to succeed. We need programs for all New Americans to become active members of our communities, both young and old. We need to protect vulnerable youth from harassment and discrimination. We need to provide institutions with the resources and capability to assist students with disabilities and help them grow.


North Dakota needs a better system of evaluating our public schools to ensure that they maintain high standards for the sake of our state's children. Under an appropriate evaluation system, the state will begin to see improvements throughout public schools as parents, faculty, staff, and communities work together to improve the overall quality of the education their children receive and the schools they attend.