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Oil & Gas

The oil and natural gas industry has launched our economy forward, but now it is time for the state to ensure that the industry is stable and sustainable. We lose millions to flaring and venting. We need to begin investing in the proper infrastructure to accommodate the rapid growth out west and start producing a greater output.


The solar energy industry now employs more than coal, gas, and oil energy combined. These jobs are good for the state and can even attract more workers. The industry is rapidly growing and expanding across the US, and North Dakota is the perfect state to become a lead solar energy producer. With lowering costs, our state can invest in solar energy and see millions in revenue.


Much like its solar counterpart, the wind energy industry has a lot of potential in North Dakota, and has already planted its roots in the state. Further investment can lead to lower costs and cheaper energy, while ensuring a sustainable future for energy and a healthy environment for our states farms and citizens. Investing in solar and wind fosters healthy competition for energy production and will push our energy economy forward and help us grow.